Temporary Clear Tub Surcharge

Update (March 22, 2021)

We have been able to see the prices of plastic stabilize. However, they are higher than they were before. We have updated our tub pricing, and the 20% surcharge has been removed.

Unfortunately, there is still a shortage of clear plastic material, and so pallet tub pricing has been temporarily suspended for clear tubs. We will reinstate the pallet discounts as soon as we can. Gray tubs are still sold in pallet quantities at a nice discount!

Original Post

We are temporarily applying a 20% surcharge on all clear tubs.

Due to the Texas snow storm in February the global supply of clear plastic and the production capacity was greatly decreased. This created a significant price increased because of the shortage of supply. Because of that the cost of our raw material has risen as much as 80%. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to add a temporary 20% surcharge on all clear tubs.

Our sales team will apply the surcharge to your order after it is placed, and is not included in the price listed or in the cart. You can still checkout, and we will call you with an updated total. This also means that we do not currently offer pallet discounts on clear tubs. The price for gray tubs has not been affected by this.

We value your business, as soon as the situation returns to normal we will remove the surcharge on future orders. Thank you for your understanding at this time.

How does this impact pricing?

There are a few ways this impacts the pricing of clear tubs.

  1. Orders of clear tubs in individual or case quantities will have the a 20% surcharge.
  2. Due to the supply shortage the pallet discounts for clear tubs are temporarily suspended.
  3. Rack orders that include clear tubs will have the 20% surcharge applied to tub portion of the order.

Example 1: If you order one case of the V-35 tubs the standard price of $121.68 will become $146.02 after the 20% surcharge is applied. The standard case shipping of $40.00 and any sales tax on the order is not increased.

Example 2: If you order a V-35S snake rack with 18 levels, the standard price is $1,587.92 for the Rack + Tubs package with clear tubs. After the 20% surcharge is applied to the $449.72 tub portion of the rack the total is $1,677.86.

When is the surcharge applied?

Because of the fluidity of the situation we are not updating the prices on our website for now. Because of that the 20% surcharge will not be reflected in the price on the product page, in your cart, or at checkout.

We won’t charge your credit card until after our sales team has had a chance to call you and inform you of the new total for your clear tubs.

Why is there a surcharge?

In February Texas, USA suffered from a unprecedented snow storm. Aside from the massive impact this had on residents of the state, it also shut down a lot of production plants and manufacturing in the state.

One of the plants that was shut down by the storm supplies the majority of the global supply of raw clear high impact polypropylene. This of course, created a global supply shortage and an increase in price.

Our supplier informed us that there would be an immediate increase of as much as 80% for any clear plastic order. Unfortunately with cost of material nearly doubling we have no choice but to add a temporary surcharge on clear tubs.

How long will this surcharge last?

We don’t know when the supply of clear plastic will stabilize. Until it does, we will continue to be charged for the clear plastic material that we purchase. Once our cost goes back down we will remove the surcharge from any order placed after that.

Does this impact the gray tubs?

No. There is no price increase for the gray material at this time. As far as we can tell the supply for our recycled gray material is stable.

What should you do?

You can purchase the tubs you need in our already discounted recycled gray. If gray is not an option, you can limit the number of tubs you buy at this time, and purchase more when the supply stabilizes.

If you need clear tubs at this time, you can you can also choose to pay the 20% surcharge.

If you have any questions please contact our sales team. They will try to answer any questions you might have.