New Black Granite Snake Cages

Our cages have historically been available in the Classic Gray that you have come to know and love. But today, we are excited to announce that we are launching a new premium color, Black Granite.

People know Vision Cages the world over for their durability, snackability, and ease to work with. At a few points in the last two decades Vision Products sold cages in limited edition colors. However, the Classic Gray Vision cage has become a hallmark of of quality and durability for many zookeepers, hobbyists, and animal lovers far and wide.

We are excited to add Black Granite to the available colors for a select number of our more popular cages. Like the Classic Gray our new Black Granite cages have a subtle speckle pattern giving the cage a granite like appearance.

The cages are not dyed or painted to change the color. The Black Granite cages are made from a special blend of colored high density polyethylene. You can rest assured knowing that the color will not rub or scrub off, and it will not leach harmful chemicals into your animals environment.

There are five cage models available in the Black Granite: 221, 332, 422, 622, and 632.

Our cages are also now available with a complete décor package. In addition to ordering this stunning new cage you can get our new backgrounds scenes, bowls, reptile safe plants, logs, and bark substrate.

You can buy these new cages online or talk to our team to place your order.